Strategic Foresight and Entrepreneurship

adam talk

I work at the intersection of strategic foresight and entrepreneurship and focus on broad, long and deep innovation: Broad, in the sense that it goes across whole systems and beyond organisations, disciplines and sectors. Long, in that it is future focused and sustainable in the long term. And deep, as it questions assumptions and embraces the unknown.

Some things that I can help you navigate:

  • How to build systems of systems for innovation (i.e. networks of innovation across organisations and sectors)
  • How to win the war on unused creativity in organisations
  • The journeys of ideas
  • Activating and optimising creation spaces
  • How to best support outsiders and other ‘unreasonable’ people
  • How to use the crowd to turn ideas into wise action
  • The future of everything

If you want to have a chat / collaborate / hire me – get in touch here.

I am a member of WFSF, World Futures Studies Federation and APF, Association of Professional Futurists





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