Injecting the Future

The image here illustrates a model for change we discussed over the weekend in the local Western Australian Future of Learning and Education event for the 3rd Global Education Hackathon. On the x-axis… Continue reading

Intrapreneurs Build Better Typewriters

  I recently wrote about the current slow death of the institution. It’s  increasingly obvious that the efficiencies we humans have gained in using institutions (to create scale, while minimizing transaction costs and… Continue reading

Where To From Here? Why Strategy in 2014 is so difficult.

  The image here was used for a recent Meetup for Stockholm Futurists. It’s a graphic representation of futurist Jim Dator’s four alternative futures archetypes; continuation (a.k.a. growth, business-as-usual, all-is-fine, keep-calm-and-carry-on), collapse (systemic… Continue reading

Four Scenarios for Humanity Based on Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards’ Life

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones is known as a rock’n’roll survivor. Unlike mythologized stars like Janis, Jimi, Jim, Kurt and Amy, who all died young, Keith is still with us. And not… Continue reading

Test yourself: Male happiness – Suffering Sultans of Swing…

BACKGROUND Inspired by Daniel Levinson’s “The Seasons of a Man’s Life”, I am working on a framework for male development with a complementing psychometric test I call “Suffering Sultans of Swing”. The beauty… Continue reading


  “The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists.… Continue reading

Five reasons for rapid blogging

Phew! This May experiment is over. One month ago I posted some thoughts on cleanin out my ideas closet.The purpose with this challenge to myself was to get rid of my huge ‘to-blog-list’… Continue reading


Obsolete Model: The Car New Model: The Human ***   Obsolete Model: The Car “The spirit of generosity already threatened by the horse, evaporated entirely with the motor car.” – Bruce Chatwin in… Continue reading

Nine Metaphors for a Futurist

Initially this post was to be called ‘Dress Code for Futurists’. After spending five years with futurists from over the world, I wanted to find out whether there was a particular way to… Continue reading

The Future of Work: From Coworking to Noworking

Obsolete Model: Hard Work New Model: No Work ***   Obsolete Model: Hard Work I used to write and send CVs and job applications. But I never got the jobs I applied for,… Continue reading